About Us

About RVS

RVS Land Surveyors is a small team of experts dedicated to provide quality and affordable digital land surveying services. We believe time and quality is most important thing in land surveying. We carefully analyze your need before preceding any jobs that ensures the information and advice we provide achieved successful results in the shortest possible time and at reasonable cost.


We share the responsibility about the common goal, client satisfaction.

  • Sukumar K
    Sukumar K Managing Partner

    Having a good knowledge in science and technology, Suku brings his love of new technology to serve RVS as land Surveyor.  In the world of land survey he is always excited to expand both his knowledge and his vision.

  • Ramchandran N
    Ramchandran N Managing Partner

    For past 12 years he had a great experience in designing and drafting, Ram is very interested in land development activities. He will be pushing the lines and boundaries of your land to improve the usage of your experience.

  • Balakumar V
    Balakumar V Managing Partner

    Having worked as a marketing manager at different MNC, Bala brings his knowledge of marketing to serve RVS as Market Analyzer.  Even though he is new to the world of land survey, Bala will handle all the land surveying activities.